Friday, April 04, 2008

NC GOP Rep Insults Soldier - Updated

Representative Patrick McHenry of North Carolina was not allowed into the gym at an American compound in Baghdad's Green Zone because he didn't have proper ID. In the following video, McHenry refers to the soldier guarding the facility as a "two-bit security guard."

Listen up, McHenry, I don't care how strongly you claim to support the troops. If you misspoke, you'd better clear it up right away. Otherwise, You'd better be forthcoming with most abject apology of which you are capable, because right now you're looking like an arrogant ass. Don't expect any cover from the Right.

Update: Michael Godfarb at the Weekly Standard Blog discovers that Think Progress (where I found the link to this video, via memeorandum) has screwed the pooch again:
Well, it isn't true. Think Progress provides the video, but at no point does McHenry indicate that the "security guard" is an American soldier. In fact, if Amanda had bothered to call McHenry's office, she would have learned that the security guard was one of the foreign contractors so reviled by the left--an individual who in any other circumstance Amanda would likely label a "mercenary."
That's what I get for trusting a Progressive site to report something honestly. This doesn't exonerate McHenry for being overbearing to the security guard, but it highlights the lengths that the Left will take to spin a to their advantage.