Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Stone's "W": Truthily Factiful

Here's a laugher from QED CEO Bill Block, whose company is financing Oliver Stone's $30 million attack on President Bush. The quote comes in the middle of an article from The Hollywood Reporter explaining how Stone is busily twisting reality to suit his goals, which include releasing the film prior to the November election:
Block, for one, said accuracy was vital to the filmmakers.

"When you embark on something as important as this," he said, "the truth is extremely important, and Oliver is relentless about the truth and facts."
Mmm-kay. Tell that to the Syracuse Police Department, which was slandered by Stone in his truthy and factiful movie, "Born on the Fourth of July."

Stone dramatically depicted the brutal 1970 "police riot" that occurred when Syracuse University students went "on strike" to protest the Vietnam War.

The trouble is that the "police riot" never happened. Not even close, as a couple of folks who were there explain:
''There was no use of force,'' she [former state senator Nancy Lorraine Hoffman] said. ''The police understood the significance of the demonstration, and their right to demonstrate. And they did not remove barricades. And they allowed the students to take over the university buildings.''

Bernard L. Busch, the president of the Syracuse Police Retirees Association and a member of the police department during the strike, said, ''We were never even called on campus.''
Even though Stone later conceded that the filmed incident was a composite, it had already been enshrined in the liberal psyche as fact.