Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anti-Tobacco Nazi Goes After Employees' Spouses

The spirit of Adolf Hitler lives on* [emphasis added]:
Weyers, owner of a health care benefits administrator in Lansing, Mich., gave his 200 employees an ultimatum in 2004: Quit smoking in 15 months or lose your job. He refused to hire smokers. Ultimately, he extended his smoking ban to employees' spouses and monitored compliance through mandatory random blood testing.
Why stop with cigarettes? Maybe Weyers could test his employees and their families for consumption of alcohol and unhealthy food. Since he's using his insurance costs to justify running their lives anyway, why not make them wear those "Special Ed" helmets whenever they leave the house, just in case?

Let's hope someone in Howard Weyers family can get him to seek psychiatric treatment.

*Adolf Hitler was the most famous anti-smoker in history.