Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mincing Metrosexual Milquetoasts

Why do Democrat men insist on being such prissy little bitches?

Gagdad Bob explains it all:
At the foundation of the State, writes LaBarre, “is our struggle to find both paternal power [an aspect of the vertical] and brotherly justice [the vertical prolonged into the horizontal] in the governing of men.” This is why something very psychologically noxious happens when government becomes mother. A similar thing happens when God becomes mother or mother becomes God. It interferes with the primordial basis of culture qua culture, which is to convert boys to men. If that fails to happen -- as with the left -- then civilization either cannot form or will not be able to sustain and defend itself, since there will be no men or manhood, only Democrats, or women and children.
Read the whole thing to find out why Obama is the Left's "quintessential shemale."

Hat tip: larwyn.