Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Under Obama, America Becomes a Force For Oppression

Once again, President Obama finds himself on the wrong side of history. From Investors Business Daily:
There was a coup all right, but it wasn't committed by the U.S. or the Honduran court. It was committed by Zelaya himself. He brazenly defied the law, and Hondurans overwhelmingly supported his removal (a pro-Zelaya rally Monday drew a mere 200 acolytes).

Yet the U.S. administration stood with Chavez and Castro, calling Zelaya's lawful removal "a coup." Obama called the action a "terrible precedent," and said Zelaya remains president.

In doing this, the U.S. condemned democrats who stood up to save their democracy, a move that should have been hailed as a historic turning of the tide against the false democracies of the region.
So what's the motive behind aligning the United States with brutal leftist dictators Chavez, Castro, and Ortega?

Leftist assmaggot Greg Gandin of The Nation blames Bush and offers an apologia for leftist tyranny in Latin America:
But the realities of governing in a country as poor as Honduras--more than 60 percent of its population live in poverty, more than 50 percent in extreme poverty--tends to reinforce a left-wing slant. Perhaps it was the imperious and imperial behavior of George W. Bush's ambassador to Honduras, described by Zelaya as "barbarous." Or maybe it was the fact that the Central American Free Trade Agreement, rather than delivering promised development, worsened his country's trade deficit with the United States while driving low wages even lower, as Honduras competed with its equally impoverished neighbors for investment. Or perhaps it was the US Food and Drug Administration's unilateral ban of Honduran cantaloupes because they were supposedly tainted with salmonella, though the FDA offered no proof of the charge, a move Zelaya called "unjust."
It seems that the Honduran government, which exercized precisely the same sort of checks and balances built into the US constitution to protect the people from tyranny, is to be burned at the altar of the worldwide Progressive revolution.