Saturday, January 23, 2010

So That's It, The Lizard is Gay

In a surpisingly even-handed piece, Right-Wing Flame War!, Jonathan Dee of the New York Times examines the events leading up to Little Green Footballs' Charles Johnson's break with reality:
Now it is eight years later, and Johnson, who is 56, sits in the ashes of an epic flame war that has destroyed his relationships with nearly every one of his old right-wing allies. People who have pledged their lives to fighting Islamic extremism, when asked about Charles Johnson now, unsheathe a word they do not throw around lightly: “evil.” Glenn Beck has taken the time to denounce him on air and at length. Johnson himself (Mad King Charles is one of his most frequent, and most printable, Web nicknames) has used his technical know-how to block thousands of his former readers not just from commenting on his site but even, in many cases, from viewing its home page. He recently moved into a gated community, partly out of fear, he said, that the venom directed at him in cyberspace might jump its boundaries and lead someone to do him physical harm. He has turned forcefully against Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, nearly every conservative icon you can name. And answering the question of what, or who, got to Charles Johnson has itself become a kind of boom genre on the Internet.
Okay, but what led Chuck to abandon reason and libel many of his erstwhile friends?

To understand that, you need to use Chuckian logic. The same reasoning that convinced Johnson that Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch was a raving fascist, intent upon feasting on the flesh of Muslim babies:
Johnson began taking shots at not only Vlaams Belang, an organization it seems safe to say the vast majority of his readers had never heard of, but also at formerly favored colleagues like Spencer and Geller, to whom, by attending the same conference, the European neofascist movement was now . . . linked. Johnson first hinted, and eventually demanded, that they publicly distance themselves from both Vlaams Belang and the conference itself, and when they demurred, he publicly distanced himself from them.
And that leads me to conclude, without a shadow of a doubt, that this quote from the NYT article...
"And so I realized, you know, that maybe it’s time to tell people that I’m not onboard with a lot of this social-conservative agenda. And I think that I actually speak for a lot of people.” code for Gay Rights.

Gay, no question about it. Probably shakes like a leaf every time he eats a hot dog.