Thursday, April 05, 2012

Save the Whales Words

Friends and fellow Anglophones, we face a grave crisis that can be averted only through your understanding and informed activism...and of course a little lucre from your wallets (just send it to me and I'll make sure it gets to the proper place).

Words are disappearing from our vocabulary at an alarming rate due to AGW, Anthropogenic Global Witlessness, or Man-Made Cretinism. Some words have even gone extinct. When was the last time you were called a he-biddy?

Don't let another perfectly good word disappear forever due to the stupidity of the lumpen PC proletariat.

Threatened: titter, pianist, poopdeck, balzac, crotchety
Endangered: chink, kumquat, uranus, seamen, titicaca
Extinct: fagot, bissextile, niggard

How stupid do the rest of us have to get in order to avoid offending the ignorant? (Remember, make those checks payable to Bluto).

Many thanks to DMartyr for helping to populate the endangered words list.