Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A Burning Question For Jack Shafer

Will Slate's media critic Jack Shafer weigh in on Eason Jordan? If he does, how will he relate it to his January 26 Blog Overkill article, which itself created a blogswarm?

If Shafer wasn't aware of the Jordan story before (doubtful), he knew Friday. Shafer emailed me to tell me that my comment on his "Propaganda President" had missed the cut for the "Bloggers Rip My Flesh" section by a few minutes (he subsequently included it anyway). I replied, "C'est la vie. Eason Jordan's absence from MSM coverage is going to be sucking up a lot of oxygen, anyway."

The Eason Jordan scandal seems tailor made for Shafer, coming so close on the heels of his story downplaying the importance of blogs; and, significantly, it's a blogkrieg lacking the participation of Matt Drudge (who isn't really a blogger anymore, anyway).