Wednesday, March 02, 2005

His Dad Pinned on the Silver Star

From a Multinational Force Press Release:
BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Staff Sgt. William Thomas Payne of the 1st Cavalry Division received the United States third highest award for heroism in combat Feb. 27 during a brief ceremony held at the crossed sabers monument in central Baghdad.

Although Maj. Gen. Pete Chiarelli, the division’s commander, was on hand to present the award, Payne took the unique opportunity to have the medal pinned on him by his father, Carl Payne, a Department of the Army employee working in Iraq.

Maj. Gen. Pete Chiarelli, Staff Sgt. William Thomas Payne,
and his father Carl in Baghdad
Photo by Sgt. John Queen
Sgt. Payne, from Benford, Okla., is credited with rescuing a group of soldiers from a disabled Bradley fighting vehicle while under fire last September.