Wednesday, March 02, 2005

MSM Ignore Successes of Iraqi Soldiers and Security Forces

Iraqi Terrorist Arrested in Whorehouse
A Baghdad terrorist leader tried to escape by running to a whorehouse but was caught by Iraqi security, as reported by Al Bawaba:
Iraqi security men have arrested a leader of a "militant group" which controlled a main street in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, a security source said Tuesday.

The source told reporters that Iraqi army soldiers arrested the man in the western Baghdad suburb of Al-Amriyah. The source identified the man as Sayyed Hashem and said he was a "prince" of a "militant group" in Haifa Street and was responsible for many kidnappings and assassinations.

He added that Hashem fled the neighborhood after an army raid, but he was arrested Monday in what the source described as a "brothel."
Meanwhile, as I wrote earlier, the Red Chinese news agency Xinhua is still the only source reporting this story:
BAGHDAD, March 1 (Xinhuanet) -- Iraqi soldiers killed eight insurgents and arrested 11 others south of Baghdad on Tuesday, the US military said in a statement.

"Iraqi Army Soldiers, conducting a route reconnaissance mission on a road leading to Baghdad, killed eight terrorists and captured 11 after running into a terrorist checkpoint," the military said.

The soldiers also confiscated two vehicles of the insurgents, the statement said.

Four Iraqi soldiers were wounded in the incident which happened on a road near Wasit province, it added.

Insurgents frequently erect checkpoints on main roads out of Iraqi cities to hunt security forces and civilians working with US forces.
The Chinese have pulled the story almost unedited from the military press release. These two stories, in which Iraqi forces acting on their own have been successful in disrupting terrorist activities run counter to the mainstream media meme of problems with training Iraqi forces. This may explain why they are being ignored.

I'm not sure what it will take to force the MSM to mention Iraqi successes, but every failure is still examined in meticulous detail.

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