Thursday, April 07, 2005

Canadian Adscam Scandal Widens, Judge May Lift Publication Ban

The Toronto Star speculates that expected testimony implicating the Parti Québécois, the Quebec separatist party, may take some of the heat off the Liberal government.
OTTAWA—As federal politicians get ready for the mud to start flying in the sponsorship scandal, Prime Minister Paul Martin's Liberals are trying to make sure that their Quebec separatist foes get splattered too.

A publication ban could be lifted as soon as today on testimony that has had all of Ottawa abuzz about the extent of the damage it could do to a federal Liberal government already hobbled by constant threats of election.
The superblog Captain's Quarters has been publishing leaked testimony despite a publication ban imposed by Justice John Gomery, who is hearing evidence in the case. CQ's massive bump in readership is a clear signal that the electronic age has made such bans obsolete.

Some information via Captain's Quarters.

Update: The Toronto Star reports that Justice Gomery has lifted the publication ban. Thanks to commenter mikeymike.