Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wait a Minute. I Thought Karl Rove Was the Evil Genius?

Now Arianna Huffington and a gaggle of Hollywood lefties (tautology alert) say that Matt Drudge is the evil genius controlling the media? (And just where was this alleged evil genius when the blogosphere was giving Eason Jordan his just deserts?)
The partisan left has slowly been constructing outlets to counterbalance the partisan right’s perceived influence in radio and television (Air America; former Vice President Al Gore’s TV channel). Ms. Huffington, Mr. Beatty and Co., however, are aiming not at the margins but at the center of the media scrum: the news cycle itself, now being deftly nudged, goosed and spun by Mr. Drudge—daily, hourly, instantly.
This is indeed good news for conservatives. Chasing phantom arch-conservative media manipulators is just the thing to keep these weasels occupied and out of everyone's hair while real work (Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon) is accomplished. Here's hoping Huffington's Mongolian clusterblog allows comments. That would make things really interesting. Just imagine Gwyneth Paltrow having a nice public meltdown when some little person confronts her with facts that contradict her Liberal Orthodox beliefs.

Via Kausfiles.