Wednesday, June 22, 2005

How Accurate Was Durbin's Information?

The mainstream media seem to consider the information about Gitmo interrogations that Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois used to slander US troops serving there unimpeachable. The information was reportedly supplied by an FBI agent unhappy with the treatment of detainees during interrogations. Since the FBI has jurisdiction over domestic terrorist attacks and espionage, it's an open question why an FBI agent would have been granted access in the first place. Well, in an exclusive interview with a former Gitmo interrogator, Right Thinking Girl raises more questions about the veracity of Durbin's information. An excerpt:
RTG: The first allegation is that, the conditions were deplorable. The exact quote is taken from an FBI agent who reported what he saw…

Smith: Stop there. I have reason to doubt this already since in general, the FBI isn’t permitted carte blanche access to detainees. In fact, it’s pretty rare to find an FBI agent on the base.

RTG: Because we’re dealing with foreign…

Smith: Unless there is a direct threat against a US interest in the continental United States, the FBI isn’t normally called in for interrogation proceedings.
Make sure you go read the whole thing.

Via The Jawa Report.