Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Germans Bulldoze Crosses Commemorating Communist Victims

The Germans have just bulldozed a thousand crosses placed at Berlin's famous Checkpoint Charlie in memory of people killed attempting to escape to freedom in the West. From David's Medienkritik:
As Americans set off fireworks to celebrate independence and freedom tonight, a different scene will play out half-way around the world in Berlin. There, at the site of Checkpoint Charlie, where Americans stood guard for so many decades and confronted Communist tyranny, workers with heavy equipment and machinery will descend to tear down over 1,000 crosses, each individually dedicated to those murdered attempting to escape Communist dictatorship for freedom.
An update at Medienkritik says that the demolition, which was scheduled for 4:01 am to avoid publicity, has been completed, despite the presence of former victims of Communist oppression who had chained themselves to the crosses. The memorial site was not an historic site, but was owned by a German bank. Perhaps an instructional video of the incident can be made to educate a certain five US Supreme Court justices about the proper use of Eminent Domain.

Via The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.