Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terror Attacks in London

LONDON - At least 33 people were killed when three explosions ripped through London subway trains Thursday and an undetermined number were killed in a fourth explosion on a bus, officials said in what Prime Minister Tony Blair described as a "barbaric" terrorist attack.
How will the Brits react? Will they fight like Americans or cower like Spaniards? History says they will fight, but the rise of Socialism in Europe in recent times has introduced an insidious new variable in the form of a traitorous fifth column.

US officials have raised the terror alert level to orange for mass transit systems, but anyone who has traveled recently by bus or train knows that security for these forms of transportation is minimal at best. There is simply nothing to prevent a terrorist from boarding an Amtrak train in, say, Syracuse, New York and arriving a few hours later in Grand Central Station - never having been searched.