Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hell's Merry-Go-Round

My friend at Signal 94 isn't what you'd call a prolific blogger - two posts since starting up the site on Friday - but quality trumps quantity most of the time, as it does here.

Sig94 doesn't offer any solutions, just the observations of a beat cop:
This is not a “bad” young man. He is not a criminal. He does not use alcohol or drugs. He is courteous, respectful and is very intelligent. He is also a vegan; I do not comprehend how he can work as a burger flipper. He has made a series of bad decisions in his young life and now has made another that is very different from all his prior bad choices.

He has condemned two other people to a life of grinding poverty. And if not an entire lifetime, at least a long, very difficult period of precarious, hand to mouth, daily living. These three people are on the Road To Poverty.
Many unsavory yet fascinating images here - not the kind of thing you'll get from a reporter; it takes a cop who knows how to write.

"Signal 94" means "end of shift".

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