Friday, March 24, 2006

South Park vs. Mission Impossible vs. the Catholic Church

First, Tom Cruise threatened not to promote his new Mission Impossible movie unless Comedy Central (which is owned by Viacom, a sister company to Paramount, which produced Mission Impossible III) agreed not to rerun a South Park episode mocking Scientology.

No wait, actually Catholics started boycotting South Park first because of an episode disrespectful to the Virgin Mary (just a boycott, mind you, no rioting or beheading of Lutherans).

Now, the fans of South Park are striking back by boycotting Mission Impossible III unless Viacom takes the South Park Scientology rerun off the blacklist and puts it back on its schedule.

Oh, I forgot, Isaac Hayes, who provides the voice for South Park character Chef, is also a Scientologist and has threatened to give the show the Shaft because he's just realized that it mocks religious beliefs. Duh, Isaac, you've been with South Park for how long now?

Meanwhile, South Park's creators have put together a new FrankenSouth Park by splicing together bits of dialogue that Hayes had recorded for previous shows.

Whatever the outcome of the Scientologist South Park boycott and the South Park fan Mission Impossible III boycott, the Catholics are still boycotting South Park. So there.

I call shenanigans. You bastards.

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