Wednesday, April 19, 2006

McKinney Report: 'Assault on a Police Officer'

A little person would already have their trial date set, but when you're Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), accused of assaulting a Capitol Police officer, and willing to shamelessly play the race card, things go a bit slower.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has published details from the official report of the incident:
The DeKalb County congresswoman struck the officer "in his chest with [a] closed fist."

The "event report" — obtained Tuesday by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution — describes the altercation as an assault on a police officer.

There had previously been reports that McKinney "stabbed" the officer with a cellphone or that she slapped McKenna with an open hand.

McKinney said she was the victim of racial profiling and that the officer had touched her inappropriately when he tried to stop her.
The Fraternal Order of Police wants the officer, identified in the report as Paul McKenna, to sue McKinney. It may be the only way for justice to be served in this case.

Via the Drudge Report.

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