Saturday, February 16, 2008

12 Year Old Taliban Child Sawing Off a Living Head

If you have a particularly strong stomach, watch this while you can. Liveleak has pulled the file, but it still plays at The Jawa Report post.

This video, in which a 12 year old slowly saws off the head of a "spy" under the direction of an adult Taliban, should be viewed by every member of Congress, and particularly by every mindless zombie of the shrieking, partisan Left. This is what a REAL enemy looks like, you mincing shitheads. This is not underwear on the head. This is not a chewy halal meal at Gitmo. This is not a paranoid fantasy told by a sock puppeteer.

This is a twelve year old boy slowly sawing off a man's head with a knife.

It's part of a series of videos put out by Islamist terrorists from which the mainstream media has shielded Westerners.