Monday, February 11, 2008

Pelosi Offers Words of Encouragement to al Qaeda

Still following the grand Democrat strategy to defeat US troops in Iraq, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does her bit:
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said twice Sunday that Iraq “is a failure,” adding that President Bush’s troop surge has “not produced the desired effect."
Meanwhile, back in the real world, the Multi National Force-Iraq, released redacted excerpts from the captured diary of al Qaeda sector leader Abu Tariq:
I am Abu-Tariq, Emir of Al-Layin and al-Mashahdah Sector. There were almost 600 fighters in our Sector before the Tribes changed course 360 degrees under the influence of the so-called Islamic Army (Deserter of Jihad) and other known believer groups. Many of our fighters quit and some of them joined the deserters, and later on I will mention the names of Fighters who stood by us (faithful fighters), but things started getting worse ever since, and as a result of that the number of fighters dropped down to 20 or less...
Nancy, Abu Tariq and your boys are losing, better step up the propaganda efforts.