Saturday, February 09, 2008

This Would Explain A Lot

From the Timesonline:
A government minister has warned that inbreeding among immigrants is causing a surge in birth defects - comments likely to spark a new row over the place of Muslims in British society.

Phil Woolas, an environment minister, said the culture of arranged marriages between first cousins was the “elephant in the room”. Woolas, a former race relations minister, said: “If you have a child with your cousin the likelihood is there’ll be a genetic problem.”

The minister, whose views were supported by medical experts this weekend, said: “The issue we need to debate is first cousin marriages, whereby a lot of arranged marriages are with first cousins, and that produces lots of genetic problems in terms of disability [in children].”
Mitigating the damage to the Muslim gene pool is the public service being provided by the US in Iraq and Afghanistan, where the military is busily exterminating the stupidest, most gullible members of the Islamic world.

Update: The Muslim Public Affairs Committee reacts to the warning:
The claims infuriated the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) which called on the prime minister to "sack him".

MPAC spokesman Asghar Bukhari said Mr Woolas' comments "verged on Islamophobia".
Translation: "We're not listening to you! WE'RENOTLISTENINGTOYOU! LALALALALALA..."