Tuesday, January 26, 2010

James Cameron Gets Kicked Square in the Nuts

Responding to James Cameron's idiotic assertion on the Jay Leno show that his movie Avatar is "...my [Cameron's] tribute to them [the Marines]," Big Hollywood's John Nolte applies this form of tribute to other subcultures:
So, for the upcoming “Avatar” trilogy, let’s lay this template — Cameron’s idea of ”honoring” — over some other groups and see how it plays.
“Avatar 2: Gays Vs. Straights”

In this stirring tribute to gay people everywhere, genocidal gays and lesbians eagerly commit acts of terrorism against innocent heterosexuals in their determination to erase them from the planet in order to steal their wealth. But in the end, One Gay Man saves the day when he turns straight and helps his new heterosexual tribe defeat the marauding homosexuals.
That's gonna leave a mark.

Well done, Mr. Nolte. Outstanding.