Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Kos' Supposed 'Non-Partisan' Pollster a Barking Moonbat

Research 2000, which conducted this caricature poll to help DailyKos' Marcos Moulitsas sell books smearing Republicans as "American Taliban" bills itself as "non-partisan," yet, oddly, features a post by Moulitsas on its website.

Perhaps Research 2000 uses the progressive definition of "non-partisan." Or perhaps they are the Walrus.

On the other hand, Research 2000 founder and president, Delair Ali, seems to be quite partisan indeed:
Still, Boehner doesn’t even pretend to acknowledge their existence. In his bubble world, the only people who matter are corporate lobbyists, Rush Limbaugh, and teabaggers. Now that willful blindness might be popular among his constituents (they approve of his efforts to kill health care reform by a 52-31 margin), but it doesn’t put him or his party any nearer to the American mainstream.
In fact, Ali's leftwing rage seems to be why Moulitsas finds him such an attractive pollster:
I was poking around the website of Research 2000, the pollster that conducts polls for many organizations, including, of course, The Daily Kos.

What I saw on the front page of the website amazed me. This was posted by the Research 2000 founder and president, Delair Ali.


Let me make it clear that I will continue to be the same non partisan pollster as I have been for over the past 20 years when it comes to the quality of my work. If that is not good enough for our clients or prospective clients, then to hell with all of you, particularly if you feel that way after you read the list. In fact, I hope my media clients will go after this cowardly slob and take him down once and for all...
Visit the link. Ali's rant makes interesting reading for someone claiming non-partisanship (and sanity). Among other things, "There is no such thing as a liberal media bias," according to this "unbiased" pollster who apparently hates conservatives, Republicans, and Rush Limbaugh; not necessarily in that order.