Monday, February 08, 2010

MSM Preparing to Treat NY Guv Paterson Like a Republican

Desperate to keep wildly unpopular New York governor David Paterson from running for re-election, elements of the Democrat Puppet Media appear to be ready to smear the hapless politico as if he were a Republican:
New York, United States - It is being reported that New York Governor David Paterson will resign on Monday after the New York Times will publish a “bombshell” article on the same day, according to New York Magazine. The piece would reveal a scandal for the governor and force him to submit his resignation; however, it is unknown what the scandal could be.
What could be so juicy as to force an immediate resignation? Does it involve a riding crop, a sequined thong, red stiletto heels, peanut butter, and a saucy young sheep named Adelaide?

Until the Gray Lady's water breaks, we can only speculate.