Wednesday, January 26, 2005

UN Blames US for Arab Human Development Problems

As if we needed another indication that the United Nations has become not only useless, but actually detrimental to world peace and justice, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has released a report on Arab Human Development containing inflammatory language that provides a goldmine of propaganda fodder for terrorists and terrorist sympathizers.

From the Executive Summary:
Following the bloody events of September 11 and the loss of innocent lives in violation of all man-made and divine laws, a number of countries have adopted extreme security measures and policies as part of the “war on terrorism”. These measures and policies, however, exceeded their original goals and led to the erosion of civil and political liberties in many countries in the world, notably the United States, often diminishing the welfare of Arabs and Muslims living, studying or travelling abroad, interrupting cultural exchanges between the Arab world and the West and cutting off knowledge acquisition opportunities for young Arabs.

There you have it. The medieval state of human rights in many Arab countries is not their fault. It's because we selfishly insist upon making sure that more Arab terrorists are not entering our country under the guise of scholarship.