Friday, February 11, 2005

Backwards Coverage of the Eason Jordan Scandal Equals Coverup

While it's gratifying finally to see acknowledgement of CNN's perfidy in the mainstream media, this story isn't being covered the way news should. In fact, technically, it's not being "covered" at all. The mainstream mentions I've seen are all commentaries: Kudlow & Cramer, Scarborough Country, and now Oliver North for FoxNews:
There is a lesson in all of this, and not just for CNN but for all the media. Eason Jordan's disparaging duplicity wasn't exposed by the barons of broadcasting or the potentates of print, but by "amateurs" "bloggers" the same "unwashed masses" who brought down Dan Rather. These e-mailing, web-surfing, call-'em as you see-'em bloggers are the electronic equivalent of the pamphleteers who brought about our revolution. Today they "pass the word" faster than an official spokesman can draft a denial. They are the small "d" democrats of the new "news business" and more believable to many than what is presented on the tube or in the paper. To the bloggers it's clear that if Dan Rather worked for CNN he'd still have a job. Apparently the network that bills itself as "the most trusted name in news" has even lower standards of proof than CBS.
Usually the commentary comes after the story is reported, and commentary by itself means little. In fact, the presence of commentary without reporting simply gives Fox and MSNBC fig leaves to mask the fact that they have not covered the story as news.

So long as no straight news reports exist in the mainstream media, particularly the big four television networks, the Eason Jordan case is still being covered up.