Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Imbecilic Teacher Apologizes

Alex Kunhardt, the "teacher" responsible for this atrocity apologized today, according to the New York Post:
February 23, 2005 -- The Brooklyn teacher who sent an American soldier demoralizing letters written by sixth-graders apologized yesterday and admitted blame.

"It was never my intention to demean or insult anyone," said Kunhardt, "I never meant for the words of my students to hurt any of our troops. The responsibility for this action is mine alone, and I apologize."

Jacobs, who is stationed 10 miles from the North Korea border, could not be reached for comment yesterday, but previously said he found the letters demoralizing.

His father, Robert Jacobs Sr., a Manhattan lawyer, accepted Kunhardt's apology.

"I am satisfied with that apology and I won't take this any further with him," Jacobs Sr. said, adding that he would push the Education Department to institute a screening policy.
Mr. Jacobs is a better man than I am. I'd like an explanation for this teacher's swinish conduct, in addition to the apology. And five minutes alone with him to discuss the incident.