Saturday, February 12, 2005

She's Not Really A Judge, But She Played One On TV

From Politically Incorrect September 24, 2001 via Artist Network. Exchange between television actress Holland Taylor and host Bill Maher:
Holland: Can I say something on the hate America theme? Speaking after such brilliance, Mike, forgive me, but just, from my point of view, the thing that I find myself thinking again and again since the 11th is that a lot of us say, and the phrase that comes to everybody's mind, it's a new world, it's a different world. The fact is, it's a new America. It's a different America. It's the same old world. And what I find, in terms of everyone hating us, which is the theme, that, on the contrary, not speaking of the Arab world specifically or our enemies there specifically, but generally I find the world has been kind to us and tolerant because we are like a prodigal bad child who has all the goodies and our face smeared with candy and our pockets stuffed with dollar bills and our tricycles and our guns and our six-shooters. And we've been having a whale of time over here on our continent, and nothing has happened to us. And something has happened to us. The scale of it was so spectacular that it stopped the world. But, really, European nations around the globe could have said, "Grow up, wake up. So now you're like -- now you understand what the world is really like." Because they live with the potential of this kind of thing all the time. It's just the scale of it was like -- it was like a child that was whipped unseemly, in an unseemly way. So the world is now saying, "That was a hell of beating that young nation had to get to wake up, to grow up and enter the world which already was there."

Bill: Right. [ Applause ] Very true.
The Dread Pundit Bluto was watching that night. I will never forget hearing this pompous, ignorant, self-absorbed jackass equate the horror of 9/11 to coporal punishment for a spoiled child less than two weeks after the victims died.

Holland is currently appearing in The Wedding Date as "Bunny". She has never recanted her grotesque metaphor.