Saturday, March 19, 2005

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Sgrena's Lies in Her Own Words
Giuliana Sgrena has been remarkably inconsistent in interviews since her release from alleged captivity and the friendly fire incident on the way to the airport. Here, in Sgrena's own words from two interviews and an article she wrote, are the contradictions.

On the death of Nicola Calipari:
March 6th, for Il Manifesto (translation published by CNN):
"Nicola Calipari threw himself on me to protect me and immediately, I repeat, immediately I heard his last breath as he was dying on me."
March 7th, to the BBC
"I was pushing down to avoid bullets and after I don't know how long, I found that he was dead."
Calipari's death isn't the only detail on which Sgrena is fuzzy.
On getting out of the car:
To the BBC:
" was impossible to get out of the car because the car was under this rain of fire."
Again, to the BBC, in the same interview:
"And then the driver got out and was shouting, 'we're Italian, we're Italian'."
To the Timesonline:
"“The driver shouted, ‘We are Italians!’ but the shooting went on. We couldn’t even get out of the car."
Giuliana's Memory Comes and Goes to Suit the Situation
For Il Manifesto:
"They told me we were less than a kilometer away...when...I only remember fire."
To the BBC:
"The tanks started to strike against us..."
And again to the BBC:
"They started to shoot at us without any light or signal."
On the ransom for her release:
To the BBC:
"...I was not aware of what was the object of the negotiations."
For Il Manifesto:
"They were speaking about problems 'related to transfers'."