Saturday, April 30, 2005

Stone the Crows, Exploding Toads Explained...Maybe

A veterinarian who has examined the mysterious exploding toads of Hamburg says that crows are responsible. From the Pakistan Daily Times:
Now a veterinary surgeon, Frank Mutschmann, who has examined the remains of the toads, said they had been pierced with a single peck by crows trying to eat their livers. This in turn caused the toads to explode. “The toads swell up as a form of self-defence. But when their livers are taken away and their stomachs are punctured, their blood vessels explode, their lungs collapse and the other organs come out,” Mutschmann said. “Crows are intelligent animals. They learn very quickly how to eat the toads’ livers,” he said.
Mmm...paté de foie crapaud.