Thursday, May 05, 2005

UK Consulate in NYC Targeted by Makeshift Bombs - No Injuries Reported

Authorities are not singling out the British Consulate as the target, because other countries have missions there, and businesses operate in the building, but the coincidence of the blasts coming on the UK's election day would seem to indicate that the British diplomatic mission was the target. From BBC News:

The blast shattered the consulate's windows
New York police are looking for clues as to who set off two explosive devices outside the UK consulate in Manhattan.
The blast in the early hours of the morning shattered windows but did not cause any injuries.

The two devices, described by police as novelty hand-grenades packed with gunpowder, were put in a concrete flower tub in front of the building.

There were no witnesses, but New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said evidence from CCTV cameras was being checked.
The amateurish nature of the improvised explosive devices used would seem to point away from organized terrorist groups.

The Jawa Report has a roundup of blogs and other news sources reporting on the incident.