Sunday, May 01, 2005

GoogleNews: A Cabal of Lunatic Fringe Anti-American Editors

Super-blog The Jawa Report has been a target of GoogleNews censors for several weeks now. The Jawa Report was removed from GoogleNews searches without notice. When Dr. Rusty Shackleford, who posts The Jawa Report, contacted GoogleNews for the removal, he was told that "hate speech" on his site was the reason. Since then, Shackleford has contacted GoogleNews at least a dozen times asking them to cite any specific example of "hate speech". There has been no response.

If someone like Shackleford got bounced, it would follow that GoogleNews must have extraordinarily high standards for inclusion as a "news" source. Actually, they don't. GoogleNews includes a large number of propaganda and terrorist sympathizer sites in their "news" searches. A few examples:

Uruknet. An Italian anti-American website that gleefully passes on unsubstantiated anti-US propaganda, even adding their own unrelated pictures to spice things up.

Peace Link. Another Italian agitprop site dedicated to smearing US troops and leaders any way they can.

Iraq Occupation Watch. One wonders where these pinheads were while Saddam was murdering his citizens. Probably finishing grammar school, if the level of critical thinking apparent in their writing is any indication. GoogleNews considers them "news".

Peace Link, another ultra-leftist say-anything-outrageous-that-reflects-badly-on-America website that GoogleNews thinks represents good journalism. Their site headline reads: "The Spirit of Resistance Lives". That's really all you need to know about this "news" site.

And, just to make it clear that GoogleNews doesn't really have anything at all to do with "news", the editors offer Unconfirmed Sources a site that states clearly that they produce satire, not news.

Maybe it's time for a class-action false advertising suit against GoogleNews.