Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Is PBS Too Liberal?

Who cares? It's PBS. Personally, I've been shunning them since they took Monty Python and The Goodies off. Well, maybe the occasional Nova gets watched, like Tuesday night when they had a cool one about "supertwisters" with some great stormchaser footage of F4s and F5s, and it reminded me of one night I was staying in Oklahoma City and the tornado sirens went off, then around two o'clock in the morning the TV said it was "inadvertent", but by then I wasn't going to get any sleep anyway...but I digress.

Jack Shafer of Slate cares, and he sees Kenneth Tomlinson's (the new chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting) move to restore fairness and balance as a reason to...cut PBS off from government funding.

Shafer writes:
For the longest time, calling for the defunding of public broadcasting was a Republican pastime. Now that the GOP rules public broadcasters, who will be the first Democrat brave enough to call for the end of PBS and NPR as we know them?
That's right, Shafer wants PBS to be subject to local market forces just like the commercial networks. I'm inclined to agree.