Saturday, June 04, 2005

Amnesty International, Others Wasting Military's Time and Resources

In a statement released by the US Department of Defense Friday, part of the true cost of so-called "advocacy" groups like Amnesty International is apparent.
Statement by Pentagon Spokesman Mr. Lawrence Di Rita on BG Hood Inquiry

In 31,000 documents covering 28,000 interrogations and countless thousands interactions with detainees, having issued 1,600 Korans, Southcom found 5 incidents of apparent mishandling by guards or interrogators and 15 incidents of mishandling and outright desecration by detainees.

Southcom's policy of Koran handling is obviously serious, respectful, and appropriate. The Hood enquiry confirms that.
Multiply 31,000 documents by a minimum of 10 manhours per document, add in 28,000 interrogations lasting at least 2 hours average and you have a grand total of 366,000 manhours wasted on the irresponsible, shrieking allegations of people like Irene Zubaida Khan of Amnesty International, the idiot responsible for comparing Gitmo to a "gulag". Khan should try reading some of the letters smuggled out of actual gulags during the Soviet era.

Irene Zubaida Khan and her ilk are responsible for prolonging the war on terror for at least 366,000 manhours. Al Qaeda couldn't ask for better allies.