Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Al Qaeda in Iraq "Emir" Put Down

CENTCOM reports that another al Qaeda leader has been killed:
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces raided a terrorist safe house in the city of Haditha Sept. 18, resulting in the death of Shehab Hamed (aka Abu Ali), a known al Qaida in Iraq senior military Emir, and the capture of another terrorist.

Abu Ali has been identified as the senior al Qaida in Iraq military Emir of al Qaim and was responsible for all terrorist operations in the al Qaim area, to include directing, planning and executing VBIED, IED and mortar attacks against Iraqi security and Coalition forces.

Coalition forces believe that Abu Ali recently assumed the role of regional al Qaida in Iraq military Emir responsible for all regional terrorist operations for the group in the al Qaim and Haditha areas along the Euphrates River Valley. Abu Ali recently moved from al Qaim to Haditha where he was killed.
I realize that the phrase "put down" is usually used to describe the euthanization of pets. I apologize to any pet owners who might be offended by its use here.