Thursday, September 08, 2005

Shh...Don't Tell Kanye West: Combat Engineers Blew Levees to Save Wealthy Honky Businesses

The latest example of abject moonbattery coming out of New Orleans is absolutely breathtaking.

From boingboing:
10:57 Raw transcript of comments by NOLA evacuee Clara Barthelemy: "The 17th street levee was bombed by the Army Corps of Engineers to save the more valuable real estate in the city… to keep the French Quarter protected, the ninth ward was sacrificed… people are afraid to speak out… everyone who was near there heard the bombings… they bombed seven times. That's why they didn't fix the levees… 20 feet of water. Gators. People dying in water. They let the parishes go, not the city center. Tourist trap was saved over human life..."
Umm, actually, the Latin Quarter was spared because it's on higher ground you lunatic.

Via Gaijin Biker at Riding Sun who has more.