Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Time Magazine Writer Earns Award From TDPB

Not content with misreporting events in the War on Terror, Time magazine this week turns its attention to the brutal Europeans, who are apparently participating in a worldwide Crusade against poor, innocent Muslim terrorists.

As far as I can tell from Time's story, there would be no terrorism if Europeans would simply stop supporting US policies in the Middle East. Oh, and give three-quarters of their salaries to support the young Muslims who say they can't find work. Plus, stop whining about the London subway bombings, Brits, you "had it coming" according to one young rascal. Oh, and convert Western civilization to Islamic Sharia law immediately, please.
"The majority of Muslims in the U.K. are frustrated, but they cannot speak. They will not condone the London bombings, but inside they believe that Britain had it coming." - Sajid Sharif
Time's reporter, typically, offers no solutions, content to bask in the sort of feckless self-loathing angst that has become fashionable amongst the literati.

The Dread Pundit Bluto hereby awards the First Annual Neville Chamberlain Kissing the Arse of the Enemy Award to Time magazine writer Bill Powell.