Tuesday, October 11, 2005

59 Terrorist Insurgents Caught With Their Pants Down

CENTCOM reports that 59 (57 captured, 2 killed) brave jihadi babyhunters are now off the streets of Baghdad thanks to information from Iraqi citizens.
BAGHDAD, Iraq – More than 600 Iraqi and U.S. forces responded to reports of terrorists operating in south Baghdad and conducted multiple cordon and searches in the early-morning hours of Oct. 11.

Troops detained 57 terror suspects and killed two others.

U.S. Soldiers from 3rd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment linked up with Iraqi Special Police Commandos to take the terrorists by surprise. AH-64 Apache helicopters soon arrived on site to engage in the firefight.

Iraqi and U.S. forces focused on three objectives and began searching houses in the area looking for anti-Iraqi forces. These operations were mainly driven by Iraqi intelligence.

The forces acted on a report that two men were on a roof overseeing a group of terrorists emplacing improvised explosive devices.
I'm reprinting this story on the off chance that our loyal, unbiased, non-partisan mainstream media completely ignores it.