Friday, October 07, 2005

34 Terrorists Captured, "Emirs" Identified

CENTCOM reports that 34 terrorist insurgent suspects were captured recently in Baghdad:
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Task Force Baghdad Soldiers teamed up with Iraqi Special Police Commandos to conduct a series of raids in south Baghdad Oct. 6 and netted 34 terror suspects.

The hunt for terrorists in Saydiyah kicked off just after midnight as Soldiers from 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team focused efforts on 16 targets and detained 10 men. Nine of the detainees were suspected of having affiliations with the al-Qaeda terrorist group.

Elements from 1st Battalion, 1st Commando Brigade also conducted a raid in another western al-Rasheed neighborhood and detained 24 suspected terrorists.
Also, CENTCOM revealed today the identities of terrorists captured last month, one of whom claims to be an "Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Emir":
Multi-National forces acted on intelligence tips from multiple sources that foreign fighters were operating in Karabilah at a specific location. During the raid, the forces killed two foreign fighters and captured Fahed Mohammad Saleh Aba al-Khail (aka Abu Faris), and Hassan Salim Salah ‘Abdallah Al-Sha’ari (aka Abu Habib al-Libi). Both are now in custody of Coalition forces.

Abu Faris is an admitted foreign fighter who entered Iraq illegally from Saudi Arabia with the intent to fight Coalition forces. He departed Saudi Arabia with a forged passport and crossed into Iraq with the assistance of a smuggler. The foreign fighters with whom he associated trained him on the use of various weapons and pressured him to become a suicide bomber.

Abu Habib al-Libi also admitted to being a foreign fighter. Al-Libi claims to be the Improvised Explosive Device “Emir” of Karabilah, responsible for conducting numerous bombings against Coalition and Iraqi forces. He came to Iraq from Libya, crossing the border through Syria.
I'm reprinting these stories because the odds are long that you won't hear a word about them from Brian "our Founding Fathers were terrorists" Williams on the NBC Nightly News.

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