Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Patients Allegedly Abandoned, Euthanized Following Katrina

Cops deserting and looting. Rescue and relief personnel denied permission to enter the city. Now this. Judas priest.

From the Associated Press via Newsday.com:
NEW ORLEANS -- A total of six hospitals and 13 nursing homes in Louisiana are under investigation in the deaths of dozens of elderly patients following Hurricane Katrina, state Attorney General Charles Foti said Monday.

At issue is whether the facilities mishandled evacuations of patients, abandoned them during the devastating storm or euthanized patients to spare them pain when rescuers didn't arrive for days.

At least 140 elderly patients in nursing homes and hospitals died in the storm and its aftermath; dozens more who were living independently may have perished.
Notice that the AP helpfully provides a way for these folks to blame the Feds regarding euthanization.

Thanks to reader Jan Z.