Saturday, October 01, 2005

Could Saddam Return to Power?

Writing for al-Jazeera, Sandy Shanks, with whom I've had my differences, proposes a distressing scenario that could come to pass if certain misguided elements in American society get their way. Shanks' scenario is propounded in a mock future news story within his editorial:
Baghdad, Sept 11, 2006 - Saddam Hussein, who was ousted from power by American and British forces during the Iraq War in 2003, has once again become the President of Iraq and declared his intentions to complete his seven-year term of office.

His return as the Iraqi leader came soon after the cessation of a very brief civil war between the elected government of Iraq and the predominantly Sunni resistance forces. The short-lived civil war was, in turn, preceded by the delayed withdrawal of American and British forces during the second week of August.
This is a result that would delight the hardcore Left and the Democratic Party leadership, as well as the journalists of the mainstream media, three interconnected groups that have given every indication that they care more about political power than they do about their country.