Saturday, October 15, 2005

Two Al Qaeda Terrorists Captured in Iraq

From a CENTCOM press release:
BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Acting on reliable intelligence and information provided by concerned citizens, Multi-National Forces captured two senior al Qaeda in Iraq terrorists during raids in Baghdad Sept. 24.

Captured were Walid Muhammad Farhan Juwar al Zubaydi (aka Firas), (aka Abu Ziyad), (aka “The Barber”); and Ibrahim Muhammad Subhi Khayri al Rihawi (aka Abu Khalil).

“The Barber’s” duties included altering senior al Qaeda in Iraq member’s appearances by dying hair color, altering hairstyles and changing facial hair in their efforts to evade capture.

Abu Khalil, a close associate of Abu Azzam, served as an executive assistant for the terrorist emir. He also acted as a banker for Azzam and stored the terrorist organizations funds so they would not be confiscated should Abu Azzam be killed or captured.

Abu Azzam, second only to Zarqawi in al Qaeda in Iraq, was killed in a Coalition raid in September.
I'm reprinting this story on the off chance that our loyal, unbiased, non-partisan mainstream media completely ignores it.