Friday, December 30, 2005

Terrorist Detainees Taking it Through the Nose

The dotty old Beeb reports that a United Nations official is concerned that hunger-striking detainees at Guantanamo Bay are being force-fed in a way that, "...definitely amounts to an additional cruel treatment.":
There are credible allegations that Guantanamo hunger strikers are being force-fed in a cruel manner, the UN special rapporteur on torture has said.
Manfred Nowak's comments came after it emerged that the number of detainees refusing food at the prison camp had more than doubled since 25 December.
I'm certainly as mystified as you as to just what a "rapporteur on torture" is. Perhaps it's similar to a "rapporteur on raping children entrusted to UN care" or "rapporteur on skimming profits from UN sanctions". Who knows.

At any rate, it's revealed that rapporteur Manfred has never visited Gitmo.
Mr Nowak has not been to Guantanamo, and turned down an invitation to the camp because the US refused to give him unrestricted access to the detainees.
Well of course he wasn't granted unrestricted access. Too many UN folks have been identified as accomplices of Saddam in the oil-for-food scandals. Why take a chance with a corrupt organization like that?

As for the scum languishing in durance vile; once they've given up all their useful information, let them eat or not, their choice.

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