Saturday, January 07, 2006

Drudge: Dems Will Try To Bork Alito

Matt Drudge is reporting that Senate Democrats are planning a final, scorched-earth attack against Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito:
Democrats hope to tie Alito to Concerned Alumni of Princeton (CAP).

Alito will testify that he joined CAP as a protest over Princeton policy that would not allow the ROTC on campus.

THE DRUDGE REPORT has obtained a Summer 1982 article from CAP’s PROSPECT magazine titled “Smearing The Class Of 1957” that key Senate Democrats believe could thwart his nomination!

In the article written by then PROSPECT editor Frederick Foote, Foote writes: “The facts show that, for whatever reasons, whites today are more intelligent than blacks.”
Alito had no part in writing or endorsing the CAP article, but apparently the Dems are going to launch a guilt-by-association assault. Read the whole article; the cast of characters in the Dem lineup includes a man who likes to compare farm animals to victims of the Holocaust.

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