Friday, February 10, 2006

Latest Salvoes In Cartoon War - Censorship On The March

Swedish Website Shut Down Under Government Pressure
From SR International:
A Swedish Internet provider has shut down the website of an extreme right fringe party after authorities voiced concerns over a Prophet Mohammed drawing contest posted on the site.

Internet provider Levonline shut down the Sweden Democrats’ website late Thursday following discussions with both the foreign ministry and the National security police.

The foreign minister, Laila Freivalds however denies that the ministry ordered the internet provider to shut down the website. Speaking to reporters she said the foreign ministry and the security police simply informed the company of possible ramifications for Swedes abroad.
And of the ramifications of going against a socialist government. Via Michelle Malkin, who has more. The cartoon's caption reads, "Danish Mohammad self-censorship".

UK Muslims Want End To Press Freedom
From CNSNews:
( - A Christian leader in Britain has voiced alarm over calls by Muslims to change the law and media industry guidelines to prevent the future publication of images of the Muslim prophet, Mohammed.
The rationale being used to demand special status for Muslims is "hate" speech. Now that has a familiar ring to it, where have I heard that phrase before?

Turkey/EU Release Oxymoronic Statement
From Zaman Online:
The statement underlines that "The freedom of expression is a basic right" and includes "Religious beliefs and views must be shown necessary respect. Freedom of expression and respect to sacred values are principles that do not oppose, but complete each other." The two ministers emphasized the latest incidents showed a lack of dialogue between the Muslim world and the West, and made the call that "the escalating of polarization must be prevented."
Self-contradictory, feelgood gobbledygook. In other words, they must destroy freedom of expression in order to save it.