Saturday, February 04, 2006

This Is Not Your Father's Pacifist

James Taranto's column in the Opinion Journal pointed me to this abomination in the DesMoines Register. The author, Pat Minor, belongs to the Christian Peacemaker Teams, four of whose members were taken hostage in Iraq.

Minor happens to be on speaking terms with a self-loathing Jew:
Sid, who considers himself a diaspora Jew, says, "Obviously, the Israelis are Jews, so they are my people. But, the Palestinians are oppressed, so they're my people more."
She obviously believes that being friendly with this twisted creature gives all the cover she needs to be openly anti-Semitic:
We constantly hear that the United States is working on a "peace process." The truth is, there is no peace process. There is no balance of power. Israel takes. Palestine has nothing left to give.
And Minor's hatred leads her to excuse, even to condone, terrorism:
While I abhor violence of any kind, it is hard to condemn a people who are resisting an oppression that has rendered them silent for more than 50 years. Nonviolent resistance — which many Palestinians (and Israelis and internationals who stand side-by-side with them) practice diligently — has so far been ineffective in changing things much for those who suffer. Fatah has been ineffective in changing things much. The people are nearing the end of their patience, as this Hamas victory indicates.
She finds it "hard to condemn" perverted savages who seek out women and children to murder, yet belongs to a pacifist organization?

I'm afraid I can't fathom this kind of pretzel rationalization.

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