Sunday, March 19, 2006

Veteran's voices - WaPo Gets One Right

Having grown accustomed to the steady diet of defeatist propaganda, designed to position the DNC for the mid-terms, I was not optimistic when I saw that the Washington Post had interviewed 100 Iraq War veterans and written an article about their experiences. Certainly, I thought, they'll cherrypick the quotes looking for the ones most easily taken out of context to damage America's interests.

This time they surprised me. Not only do the quotes seem to be honest remembrances without political context, but on page two there is this:
But it was not bad in the ways they see covered in the media -- the majority also agreed on this. What they experienced was more complex than the war they saw on television and in print. It was dangerous and confused, yes, but most of the vets also recalled enemies routed, buildings built and children befriended, against long odds in a poor and demoralized country. "We feel like we're doing something, and then we look at the news and you feel like you're getting bashed." "It seems to me the media had a predetermined script." The vibe of the coverage is just "so, so, so negative."
I've heard the exact same thing repeatedly from my friends and family members who have served in Iraq.

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