Monday, March 06, 2006

What's Missing From This Picture?

In their March 5 issue the editors of Time, fairly drooling at the prospect of an Iraqi civil war (guess they should have read Ralph Peters' piece) enlisted the aid of four "experts" to fill in the grim, grim picture.

The four: Noah Feldman, Vali Nasr, James Fearon, and Juan Cole are suitably grave, in keeping with the preferred MSM meme of a people who have been savaged by the brutal US government and teeter on the abyss due to the Bush administration's incompetence.

But something is missing here.

In 1,290 words (two printed pages in the hardcopy edition) discussing the "civil war" in Iraq, the words "terror", "terrorism", "terrorist", and "al Qaeda" (or even, "al Qaida") appear not once.

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