Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Aztlan: What the Illegals Really Want

Wormed into the very heart of the illegal immigrant "civil rights" movement is the concept of Aztlan, and people like Hector Carreon. Carreon's La Voz de Aztlan (The Voice of Aztlan) is one of the network of subversive websites that helped organize the recent marches in several US cities.

What is Aztlan?
The dateline from this article by Carreon about an "Immigrant Sanctuary" voted in by useful idiots on the city council of Coachella, CA reads [emphasis added]: "Los Angeles, Alta California - March 24, 2006"

Alta (Upper) California means that Carreon doesn't recognize the states of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Wyoming as belonging to the United States. Alta California was what this region was called under Mexican rule in the nineteenth century. Aztlan includes this territory plus a healthy chunk of Texas, all of which the Latino separatist organizations that helped organize the mass demonstrations intend to return to Mexican control. That's why demonstrators waved Mexican flags, and harassed those who tried to wave American flags.

But back to Hector Carreon; what sort of person is he? Well, he's the sort who believes that Nick Berg wasn't killed by Islamist terrorists, but decapitated by Americans in Abu Ghraib. Carreon also enjoys (don't visit this link if you're even a little bit squeamish) displaying gruesome pictures, purportedly of wounded GIs, who he claims are being "put to sleep" by American doctors.

More on this later, including MEchA, the racist Latino student organization also working to make Aztlan a reality.

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