Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Google: Criticizing Terrorists, No; Raping Boys, Yes

If you want to visit the website The Study of Revenge, which features anti-Islamist artwork, the thought controllers at Google, bowing to their Muslim overlords, require you to first look at this warning screen:

A provision that has undoubtedly had a negative effect on traffic to the website.

On the other hand, if someone wants to discuss and fantasize about sodomizing little boys, Google lets you go directly to "Paiderastia" The Boy Love Revival, which offers this advice to wannabe buggerers:
Every man who has an innate love of boys is not necessarily qualified to be a boylover. The role of a boylover in a young boy's life is one of immense responsibility, very much akin to that of a father. The boy's best interest, and his future as well as present well being, must always be of paramount importance to the boylover.
Via Stop the ACLU.

Update: The Jawa Report exposes several other pedophile websites operating openly, including one that glorifies the rape of a seven year-old boy.